State Titles Round THREE: 2 ON TWO


6 min AMRAP

2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12… etc

Toes to Bar (scaled will complete sit ups)

Wall Balls (9/6kg) (6/4kg scaled)

Workout will be completed in synchronised mixed pairs with each pair alternating each round

Pair one will begin by completing 2 T2B (or sit ups) and 2 Wall Balls, then pair two will commence with 4 T2B and 4 Wall Balls, with pair one returning to complete 6 T2B and 6 Wall Balls, Etc.

The total score will be the number of reps completed within the 6 min time cap

Synchronisation of Movements 

Athletes must be synchronised during the T2B with both athletes feet coming into contact with the bar at the same time. Athletes feet must make contact in between the hands.

Scaled athletes must synchronise the sit ups with both hands touching the ground in front of their feet at the same time. Athletes need to touch the ground behind their head but this does not need to be synchronised.

Athletes must be synchronised at the bottom of the squat on the wall balls. Athletes must pass below parallel together – athletes wall balls do not need to hit the target at the same time.

At the conclusion of the 6 minutes there will be a one minute break before commencing Round 4

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