State Titles Round FOUR: THE TEAM LIFTS



30 Thrusters (50/35kg) (40/25kg scaled)

20 Thrusters (60/40kg) (45/30kg scaled)

10 Thrusters (70/45kg) (50/32.5kg scaled)

Max reps in time remaining

Thrusters (75/50kg) (55/35kg scaled)

Athletes will have a 6 min time cap to complete as many thrusters as possible. There is no minimum work requirement for any athlete.

There will be one barbell loaded with the first male weight and one loaded with the first female weight

Only one athlete at a time may be performing a lift. Male athletes may not use the female barbell.

Once 30 reps have been completed in total at the first weight, athletes will need to load both barbells with the next weight and complete a further 20 reps. After 20 reps the barbell will need to be increased to the next weight and 10 reps completed. In the time remaining athletes must adjust the barbell to the final weight and complete as many reps as possible.

The total score for this workout will be the number of reps completed.

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